Group of youths making a star with their fingers  

Some economically-challenged children living in Delray Beach don't have the same opportunities offered to other children. The Milagro Center's mission strives to change this. The center was founded in 1997 by a group of local visionary leaders to provide children access to the arts.

In Spanish, milagro means miracle. Students attend after-school activities, summer camps, and ARTreach programs. Underserved and academically at-risk children, youth, and teens living in South Palm Beach County are encouraged to "reach for the stars" to overcome adverse community obstacles they encounter in their daily lives.

The Milagro Center's innovative model provides a warm and caring environment that motivates its participants to build self-esteem and develop new skills. As a result of the Milagro Center program offerings, students in grades K-12 thrive academically and socially.

Four interrelated and socially inclusive program components form the basis for three programs offered for different age groups. Children in grades K-5 participate in STARS. The Junior Teen Leadership program is tailored to fit the needs of grades 6 through 8. Teens receive advanced training in the Teen Leadership program.

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These programs are tailored to meet the needs of each age group are based on four key components. The first is academic instruction, including reading intervention and tutoring. Students are then exposed to the cultural arts that include art, dance, musical instrument instruction, voice, dramatic arts, and digital technology. The United-Nations endorsed Living Values Education curriculum is the third component. All program participants receive mentoring.

A professional art gallery called the BLUEPRINT Gallery is part of the Milagro Center. ARTreach programs are offered to over 450 children, teens, and adults every year. This art gallery hosts many exhibits that present the works of talented South Florida artists.

All program participants benefit from the change for a better experience to carry over into their daily lives. The endless cycle of poverty is broken when they receive the encouragement and support they need to become self-sufficient and productive members of the Delray Beach community.

Milagro Center's vision is to be a center of creative cultural collaboration that dissolves social barriers for south Florida children and youth. Program participants form lasting connections in an encouraging environment that prepares them for future success. To discover more about the Milagro Center, please visit their website at