How to Maintain a Reliable Vehicle?

There is nothing much worse than hurrying to your vehicle, entering and inserting the key in anticipation of being on your way and the ignition struggles to start the motor. Maybe you get the engine to turn over, but after only going a short distance, the car stalls. So, what can you do to be sure your vehicle will be reliable?

Battery Maintenance

The most obvious thing to take care of is the battery. Replacing old cables and worn-out batteries are essential to keeping a vehicle running. When the vehicle gets little or no use, consider using a battery conditioner or a 'trickle' charger. Doing so will prevent immobilizers and other components that sap energy from draining the battery completely.

Oil Changes

Because the viscosity of a vehicle's oil will break down with time and it can become dirty with use, it is essential to change both the oil and the oil filter regularly. Typically, drivers are recommended to schedule for oil and oil filter change once every six months. However, your owner's manuals will advise the recommended frequency for replacements for your specific make and model.

Engine Inspection

Regular inspection of the engine will detect minor issues that can be dealt with before something becomes a significant problem. It is important to get a routine engine inspection to check critical components of your vehicle for any wear and tear. Checks of multiple points should be done at least once a year.

Tire Inspection and Maintenance

Honda CR-V

Periodic inspection and rotation of tires should be done. Rotating all four tires will ensure that the tires wear evenly. Doing so will prevent hazards from happening on the road as well as extending the lives of the tires. Replacing worn tires, or tires with any cracks or bulges, is essential.

Attention to Any Problems or Irregularities

Owners are familiar with the usual sound of their vehicle's engine and how it normally runs. So, if anything under the hood or below the chassis sounds different or strange, or the steering feels different, owners should have the vehicle checked at a service center immediately. If a problem is detected early on, significant expenses can be avoided.