>Learn about battery maintenance and signs that a battery is dying in this video. Also, see our page to get information about battery service from our auto shop in Palm Beach County.

If you want a car that's like the Energizer Bunny, one that keeps going and going and going and going, you need to pay attention to your car's battery. With regular service, you'll not only ensure that your battery's life isn't cut short, but that it's changed before you find yourself stranded.

When you need a car battery replacement in Delray Beach or another nearby city, schedule an appointment with us and benefit from superior customer service and low car battery prices.

Is Buying Reconditioned or Used Car Batteries a Good Idea?

Used car batteries may be cheap, but there is no telling how they were tested or if the tests were accurate. Not to mention that there's no way of knowing how the battery was treated prior to landing in the hands of the reseller. For these reasons, we strongly advise purchasing a new car battery with a warranty over a used option.

Can Humidity Cause a Car Not to Start?

While it's rare and often only occurs when batteries are older, there is a chance that moisture in the air can negatively affect battery connections and wiring, potentially leading to issues starting a car. In addition, humidity can contribute to rust and corrosion development around the terminals, which drains a battery faster.

Battery Service in Delray BeachHow to Protect Car Battery Terminals

Gently remove corrosion around the terminals with a toothbrush and proper cleaning agent. We also recommend having a trained mechanic perform battery service periodically, which includes removing corrosion and other contaminants, as well as adding a protectant to the battery and checking the charge.

Is My Battery Dead or My Starter?

Battery Service in Delray Beach>While we suggest having an expert determine if you need a car battery replacement, there are some warning signs that indicate when it's the battery and not the starter or alternator. A few signs include:

  • My battery looks bloated
  • My battery warning light turned on sometime before my car died
  • My engine is cranking, but the car will not start
  • Both my lights and engine are not working
  • I've had my car battery for three years or longer
  • My headlights looked dim prior to my car not starting

If the answer is yes to any of these items, you can find new Honda car batteries for sale at our dealership in Delray Beach, Florida.

Car Batteries Near Me in Palm Beach County

If you want peace of mind, a Honda battery is the best option and it will come with a warranty for added confidence. Stop by if you need a CR-V, CR-Z, Odyssey, Accord or Honda Civic battery, and check our service coupons to see if we have any current discounts. Even without specials, however, you'll find that our car battery prices are often comparable to those at chain shops and Walmart.

Looking for car batteries on sale in South Florida now? Visit our dealership. We proudly serve cities in the Miami metro area and Palm Beach County. From Boca Raton and Pompano Beach to Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Honda owners from all over choose us!


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