Honda and Sony Announce Plan to Start New EV Brand Together  

Honda and Sony Set to Develop Electric Vehicles

The intention of the automaker and tech companies to form a company that produces electric vehicles could be accomplished later this year, and the cars released by 2025. The world is eager to experience what happens when these two companies team up. These two companies will not just produce electric cars but also sell them.

In a joint statement, the executives said that the plan doesn't stop at selling electric vehicles but also improves commercial services and mobility. The new company is yet to announce its name; however, the company will be in charge of the development, sales, and design of the brand.

Honda company will have the mandate to manufacture its vehicles using its resources. On the other hand, Sony will work towards developing the platform for locomotion services. Earlier, Honda announced that it plans to manufacture and sell electrified battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles come 2040. The elimination of Honda's internal combustion offerings comes at a time when the increase in electrified vehicles over the next few decades.

The first few models that Honda developed in partnership with GM were Honda Prologue and Acura's high-end lineup. However, these two models are not part of the Sony partnership and are set to arrive around 2024.

Sony also revealed their Vision S 02 prototype electric shift from the CES technology during the announcement. This was preceded by a Vision S 01 electric sedan that shows Sony was intentional about joining the EV market. I think the team-up is an excellent way to develop advanced EVs.

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