What Do Honda Maintenance Minder Codes Mean?  

Honda's Maintenance Minder System will tell you when your vehicle is in need of service. This usually means an oil change, but it will alert you of other issues as well. The most obvious sign that your Honda vehicle is in need of service is the yellow wrench icon that will light up. When this happens, look to your dashboard to find out what needs to be completed.

Oil Changes

Your Maintenance Minder System will tell you the remaining service life of your engine oil. When it says "Oil Life 15%," you're almost due for an oil change. You have some time to schedule one, but you should get on it sooner rather than later. When it says "Oil Life 5%," you're due for an oil change. When it says "Oil Life 0%," your oil is at the end of its service life. You're overdue for an oil change, so make an appointment as soon as you can.

Other Codes

You might see other Maintenance Minder codes on your Honda's dashboard. When it displays an "A," your car needs an oil change. When it displays a "B," you need to change your oil and your filter. There might be other systems that need to be inspected as well.

Finally, you might see numbers on your dashboard alerting you of maintenance tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Rotate and inspect your tires.
  2. Replace your air cleaner element, inspect your drive belt, and replace your dust filter.
  3. Replace your transmission fluid and transfer fluid if applicable.
  4. Replace your spark plugs and timing belt, and inspect your water pump and valve clearance.
  5. Replace your engine coolant.

Replace your rear differential fluid if applicable.

If you notice any of these codes on your Maintenance Minder System or you suspect that you have an issue with your vehicle, contact Delray Honda as soon as possible to schedule a service appointment.