Video: Using Honda CR-V Walk Away Lock, Keyless Entry & Push Button Start

Select Honda CR-V models are equipped with smart features that make it easy to lock, unlock and start your vehicle without having to dig a key out of your bag. From Walk Away Auto Lock to Push Button Start, learn about the SUV’s handy features below!

Remotely Opening Windows
When you are within 50 feet of your Honda CR-V, press and release the unlock button on the smart remote; then press once again and hold it. The windows will automatically open, along with the moonroof (if your vehicle is equipped).

Smart Entry System
To use the Honda CR-V’s keyless entry feature, you must have the smart entry remote on your person and within 32 inches of the front driver or front passenger door handle. By simply touching the inside of the handle, the door should unlock after a brief moment. Keep in mind that wearing gloves may slow down the unlock response or inhibit it entirely.

In addition, it’s best to place the smart entry remote away from your laptop, tablet or smartphone since their radio waves may interfere with its signal.

Push Button Start
To use the Honda CR-V’s keyless start system, just hit the brake pedal and press the START/STOP button. If you want to turn on Accessory mode only, just press the START/STOP button without hitting the brake pedal. To turn off the CR-V, brake and place the shift lever in park, then hit the START/STOP button. If you press and hold the button down for at least 1.5 seconds, you can turn the vehicle off in an emergency.

CR-V Keyless Door Lock

Keyless Door Lock
Again, you must have the smart entry remote on your person and within 32 inches of the front driver or front passenger door handle. Simply touch the ridges on the door handle (circled in the image to the right), making sure not to touch the sensor on the inside of the door handle. And don’t worry – if you’ve accidently left the remote in the car, the doors will not lock.

Walk Away Auto Lock
You don’t have to worry about touching the door handle sensor if you decide to set up the walk-away auto lock. To activate, the vehicle must be in park with the ignition on. Go to the home screen on the display audio system, then click Settings > Vehicle > Door/Window Setup > Walk Away Auto Lock. Then click “On” and “Yes.”

When you’ve exited the vehicle with the key on you and all doors and windows closed, the car will beep once while you’re close to it. Then, when you’ve walked eight feet away, it will beep a second time to indicate that it’s locked.

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