How To Use Your Honda's Adaptive Cruise Control

If you recently purchased a Honda with Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, congrats! ACC is an advanced driver assist feature that makes driving more convenient and you’re sure to find it handy on many occasions. If you need a refresher on how to use the system, check out the following video and see below for written details.



  • Honda’s Adaptive Cruise Control uses a radar unit that’s mounted at the front of the car, along with a windshield camera, to approximate the position of forward vehicles.

  • You can activate the system by pressing the MAIN button on the steering wheel; you’ll see the ACC and LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist system) icons turn on.

  • You can engage Adaptive Cruise Control when driving below 25 mph, even when you’re stopped with your foot on the brake pedal. To activate press SET – (minus) and the system will set your cruise control speed to 25 mph.

  • If you want to set your ACC above 25 mph, drive to the desired speed then press the SET – button.

  • When no vehicles are detected ahead the vehicle icon in your instrument panel will appear as a dotted line; when vehicles are detected the vehicle icon will fill in.

  • There are four following intervals: short, middle, long and extra long. Note that the following distance for each setting will increase with vehicle speed.

  • If you’d like to increase your cruising speed by 1 mph at a time, press the RES + button; to decrease by 1 mph at a time press the SET – button.

  • To increase or decrease your cruising speed by 5 mph at a time, push and hold the toggle switch pointing it in the appropriate direction.