Could this be a hint at what’s to come on future Honda models?

Recently, news surfaced about Honda patenting an 11-speed transmission with three clutches. The possibility of having a transmission with a third clutch and more gears would not only result in faster shifting, but also a reduction in lost power, particularly torque to the wheels, when changing gears.

Dual-clutch transmissions like the one pictured above are known for enhancing performance when compared to traditional automatics, so adding a third clutch and featuring a ton of gears would equate to even greater performance. The patent’s mention of decreasing “torque removal,” as we mentioned earlier, would definitely make a positive impact in this area, as would considerably speedier shift times.

In addition, more clutches and more gears help increase fuel economy. We experience this already with dual-clutch and higher gear transmissions, which help increase efficiency compared to your average automatics. So, with three clutches and a whopping 11 gears, we’d be excited to see how much Honda’s patent could help increase mpg.

The patent didn’t, however, mention the transmissions use in any of Honda’s vehicles and there’s no telling if it will ever make it to production. While it is not uncommon for automakers to file patents that go unused, we’re sure hoping to see this new transmission idea in action on future Honda models.