Honda Insight

It’s 2018. Shouldn’t you buy a car that reflects the best of today’s technologies? Honda brings you the 2019 Insight hybrid to do just that. Extremely efficient, this next generation hybrid does more than many current hybrids. Furthermore, the best of today’s technologies are on the dash and providing extra safety precautions. Best of all, there’s no sacrifice in spaciousness or comfort.

Some hybrids and electric cars are criticized for their size. The Insight has 98 cu.ft. of space. If you are wondering how that compares to other cars, consider that the Prius is rated at 93.7 cubic feet.

This isn’t a noisy ride like some hybrids. Engineers have worked hard to make sure that the cabin is quiet for passengers. This means extensive sound insulation to shut out noise.

Some hybrids don’t have much of a trunk due to the battery. Luckily, Honda engineers have spread out the battery pack, and, as a result, the Insight measures 15.1-cu.ft. That’s as much or more than other midsize sedans.

The big job for engineers has been to provide enough power for hybrids. There’s no problem here. The engine kicks out 151 horsepower. Even better, it generates 191 lb-ft of torque.

Honda Insight

Hybrids are built lighter, and the Insight is no exception, but does that mean it isn’t safe? Actually the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it five stars, the top rating.** Furthermore, it has a long list of standard crash avoidance features, including a Honda exclusive.

Well ahead of any federal requirements, the Insight has an autobrake. This reacts to the forward collision warning function and may intervene if necessary to stop the car. When the adaptive cruise control is on, the autobrake helps the car slow or stop in busy traffic. Cruise control can then raise the car’s speed when leader traffic moves again. Traffic sign recognition and a low-speed follow function make the system especially effective.

Drivers enjoy the help of a lane keeping assistant. It works to keep the car within the lane lines. Honda’s road departure mitigation works to keep the vehicle on the road. This mitigation system includes throttle reduction to slow the vehicle and an assist to help move it onto the pavement again. Insight shoppers can add other aids such as a blind spot monitor.

With the EX trim, you’ll find a big touchscreen that’s easy to use. You get more connectivity from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Honda adds split-fold seats and its advanced Smart Key. With this device in your purse or pocket, you can walk away and the car will lock itself.

To get the most luxurious Insight, you’ll want the Touring trim. The seats wear perforated leather. A power moonroof invites the outdoors into the cabin. Dual-zone climate controls provide the best level of warmth or cooling. Power-adjustable seats may be power-heated. Another touchscreen upgrade brings you navigation and Honda HD Digital Traffic.

Be ahead of the crowd without breaking your budget. Get behind the wheel of the 2019 Honda Insight

** NHTSA Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportations New Car Assessment Program ( Model tested with standard side airbags (SAB).
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